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Bermuda Montessori & Daycare is a large family Daycare with a Montessori preschool curriculum in a home setting that is open year-round, offers Full Time and Part Time (whole day) preschool programs based on the Montessori philosophy.

Our Programs


Practical Life

Covers two main areas of development; Care of self and Care of the Environment. Purpose and aim of Practical Life are to help the child gain control in the coordination of his movement and help the child to gain independence and adapt to society.



Enriching the child’s vocabulary expands his capacity to clearly communicate to others and to express himself.


Music and Body Movement

Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meaning of words. Dancing or body movement helps the body and the mind to work together.



It helps the child develop and refine his five senses. Sensorial exercises were designed to cover every quality that can be perceived by the senses such as size, shape, composition, texture, loudness or softness, matching weight, temperature, etc.



Integrated and practical study of Biology, Geography and Physical Science.


Indoor and Outdoor Play

Helps children learn to take turns, share and develop other positive behavioral skills.  They are likely to to be inventive, explore and learn about the world around them and use their own abilities. It will develop their physical development and improved overall health.



Children’s minds are full of energy that propels them to absorb, manipulate, classify, order, sequence abstract, and repeat. These tendencies are those which help the child to acquire a greater understanding and depth to his mathematical knowledge.



This refers to an integrated study that includes History, Culture, Traditions, Holidays and the Arts.



Our summer program starts in the middle of June to August. We offer arts and crafts, music, cooking and outdoor activities, which include a morning in an exclusive gated park one day in a week for a month where the children can run and play with supervision.


Now Open for Enrollment

Bermuda Montessori and Daycare is now offering a Kindergarten program starting August 17, 2020 which will cover a vast area of topics in English Language, Math, Science, Cultural, History, Writing, Arts and Crafts, Music and Body Movement and more


Discover How Children Learn with Fun and Experiences