About Us

Who We Are

Bermuda Montessori

Bermuda Montessori and Daycare is a large family Daycare with a Montessori preschool curriculum in a home setting. We have been in operation since 1991 and introduced Montessori into our program in 2001. Our school is open year-round. We offer all-day preschool programs based on Montessori philosophy for full time and part-time. Our whole-child education approach uses sensory-based and self-directed learning materials and methods to nurture, cognitive, physical, social, and emotional aspects of a child’s development. Our qualified Montessori certified and dedicated teachers are guiding children to develop creativity, intellectual curiosity, self- control, cooperation, and a lifelong joy for learning.

Our Objectives & Goals

Bermuda Circle Time

Our mission is to create opportunities for children to develop independence, concentration, self- direction, self- esteem and respect for others and all living things. Our goals are to provide a warm, loving, happy and safe environment for the children and for them to develop a lifelong joy for learning and learn responsibly in a social group of different ages. We also support the child’s growth and development by serving them nutritious and delicious home cooked breakfast, lunch, AM and PM snacks.

We work to earn  the trust and confidence of the parents thus giving them peace of mind knowing that their children are in a good, nurturing and safe environment.

Calendar of Activities

Our Facilities

Indoor Facilities

Our Montessori prepared areas is fully equipped to allow children to explore and learn.

Bermuda Montessori

Sleeping Time Area

We provide a safe, comfortable area for the children to ensure uninterrupted but supervised nap times.

infant room

Play Area

We give our children time to be physically active and practice playing well with others as part of their overall development and learning experience.

Bermuda Backyard