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We celebrate holidays to provide an opportunity to study history and geography, help mark the changing of the seasons, encourage understanding and acceptance of diverse culture, create a sense of community that welcomes all families and give opportunity to introduce holiday art projects and food preparation of different cultures.

Besides the legal and Federal Holidays we celebrate:

BIRTHDAYS –   The Montessori celebration of life is a lovely way to celebrate a child’s birthday in a school setting.  After the circle around the sun ceremony, it is highlighted with a birthday cake or cupcakes and a birthday present from the school.

EASTER EGG HUNTING … children paint eggs, make their Easter baskets and go on an adventure hunting eggs hidden in our playground.

GRADUATION DAY  –  A memorable day when the parents, teachers and children can celebrate accomplishments.  Graduates are the star of the show where they touch the hearts of their parents with their songs and short speeches, an unforgettable day for one and all.

HALLOWEEN – We start the day with carving or decorating pumpkins and end it with the children, parents and teachers dressed up in their favorite costumes. Children entertain the parents with their Halloween songs and dances and parents fondly give out treats to the excited and happy children. 

CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION –  This is the happiest time of the year for the children, they learn how Christmas is celebrated in different cultures,  learn Christmas songs, perform for their parents and relatives, culminated with a visit from Santa Clause bringing gifts for each child, concluded with a sumptuous dinner.

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